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How do you feel about bacon?

i'm not sure. how does bacon feel about me?

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Name:CAD's ooc comm
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there was a Camp here, but now it's gone.
a panfandom bastard spinoff of [ profile] campfuckudie

Once upon a time you were a camper or a counselor at Camp Fuck You Die. And then you managed to leave, what a glorious day that was! All was good, you thought, until one day you woke up — or you were walking your dog — or maybe you were saving the world (again) and you blinked or looked left instead of right. . . and found yourself face to face with a swamp. Not just any swamp, no, this one was pretty familiar. Welcome Back.

Except all is not well. In fact, the deeper you walk into "Camp" the stranger it seems to be. The greenery, certainly, seems to have retained its touchy feely nature. The ground is muddy. There are a few cabins scattered about (. . . empty). But there are no zombies, no gorillas, the lake doesn't glow and any building like the library or mess hall has simply. . . vanished. There is also a large garden that dominates the center of Camp. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds grow there, even ones not in season. Is it safe. . .? It seems so, but there is a small sign with a curl of snap peas growing on it that reads: "Don't walk too far in. Don't lose track of time."

Welcome back, but this is just the beginning.

That's also the FAQ, so if you have any questions, leave a comment there!

NOTE: Duplicates of characters are allowed — more specific guidelines about duplicate characters will be implemented if it ever comes up!


LOOK THERE'S A ~MAP~ also a description of "hazards" and such!

The mod journal is [personal profile] caddies and the OOC community is [community profile] camp_ooc. If you have any questions you can contact the mod below:

AJ ([personal profile] corinthian/[ profile] actualize) at if.june at gmail or heir in actual on aim!


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