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bwahaha aeris is so pretty

ANYWAY AS RIKUOU POINTED OUT there is a cabin list and such. I'm going to go back through the post over here asking where you live and if you don't have a specific number in mind I will just put you down under a number!

I'd like to repoint out the CAMP INFO bit too, as it has some updates (NOW WITH MORE PICTARZ).

And I'm doubling the [personal profile] caddies journal as modly business/NPC since it makes sense to me, I trust you all to be responsible adults! So, if you want the password for it, just hit me up on IRC or something /o>

And lastly! This RP will allowed duplicate characters (IDK how likely it will be that someone will play a dup here, but!) and I wanted to ask your opinion on that! I was thinking that if you wanted to app a duplicate character you'd have to contact the current player of the character and ask if that was okay, but. . . thoughts?
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[personal profile] you_jerk 2009-12-30 04:19 am (UTC)(link)
If you mean characters that have been played more than once in camp... I think it'd be common courtesy to contact someone who's already here, but I don't know if they should have the right to refuse?

Unless that's not what you were thinking of?

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Yeah, just stick Oz somewhere. Same goes for Yuri/Flynn and Kirk/Spock.