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ceci ne pas une cabin list


So far, who is staying where?

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IDK if anyone else will notice this is here or feel it is necessary, but I will answer my own poll!

Rikuou and Ryuuken took over Boys 7, Mihashi is still just hiding out in the garden ;;d
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Unless Chitose went to find cabin 17, he's not staying anywhere yet. :/

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By the tally on the Camp cabinlist there were 13 girls cabins and 28 boys (I . . . am not counting the whacko cabins). There are probably fewer of them now! But I wasn't sure how many to cut it down to /o/
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The dead don't sleep. They wait.

Auron wanders.
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Spock is probably staying with Kirk somewhere, they need to steal a cabin. Flynn is . . . probably with Yuri, idk.

But oh, this post is really helpful. ♥
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OZ NEEDS A PLACE. idk what Spock said.